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Our Unique Consulting Business

Beech Analytics does more than predict sports games and political outcomes.

The company also offers several consulting services, particularly for small businesses/startups and individuals. We use advanced knowledge and technology to help clients solve primarily quantitative problems  that may be hard to take on their own.



What we can do

Beech Analytics can assist clients in various ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Forecast analysis/general forecasting (our area of expertise)

  • Statistical analysis/modeling

  • Data analysis

  • Temporary quantitative project undertaking/completion

  • Investment advising


Our goal is to provide quality service in a cost-effective way. Beech Analytics a unique company that can use technology and bright minds to solve difficult problems in a more efficient, and much cheaper manner than many other businesses can.


Since we aim to help individuals and smaller businesses, we understand the need for minimizing costs. The prices of all our services is determined on a case-by-case basis. Here are three promises we can make:

  • The price for any service is negotiable

  • We will provide service for smaller, more general inquiries for FREE

  • Our services will be cheaper than what you find on the open market

Beech Analytics is more interested in helping individuals and small businesses develop and thrive than in collecting large profits. Our flexible pricing policy allows for clients to have more influence in their business.

Becoming a client

If you are interested in potentially becoming a client, or if you have more general inquiries, send an email to From that point, we can figure out if/how Beech Analytics can provide service for you .

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